May's B2R Yoga update for 2019

May gives us an update on her yoga classes as she finds her feet in Mid Wales.


Since I starting teaching yoga classes in Mid Wales, all the people that have attended my class and subsequently practice every week, find themselves stronger, more flexible and mobile. They are enjoying it as it is something that's challenging and fun for them.

When starting out with yoga, it really doesn't matter if you have a flexible body or not. Yoga is all about practice, to start learning about your body and your ability.

I help people to find their weakness and strengths by learning how to move and feel good within themselves. I like to teach a yoga style that is starting from basic Hatha and dynamic Hatha flow. Our class also includes strength and mobility, and breaths work for relaxation as well.

Those people who have joined my yoga class from the start, can now do the poses that they have never done before. These personal goals and achievements include headstand, front split (even king pigeons) and have been able to touch their toes. Evidence strongly suggests that Yoga will help people with back pain if they continuing with the practice.

I can help more people to move and gain the mobility and flexibility also feel better of themselves, mainly trying to have fun and enjoy stretching in the class.

I am looking to reaching out to more people who need my help for one to one, and run more classes in the future... just looking for possible places and areas.

Also, I am looking to run a yoga boot camp every month on the weekend and retreat in winter 2019. Also upcoming events in 2019 are in the ”beautiful country Thailand 2019” also around the UK and Europe.

To join a Mid Wales yoga class or to book a 1-2-1 session with May, please contact us via the button below.