B2R Movement Mastery & Record Keeping Part II

Simone Biles is a beautiful mover, beautiful movers make things look easy and they make things look pretty. This does not one day suddenly happen out of nowhere, mastery is a mindset and starts from……the start.

As such, tracking and recording this work becomes a critical skill that simply has to be understood and mastered to really get the most out of our coaching and support at B2R. All world class athletes who compete professionally record and document their work meticulously, and if they say they don’t – they're fibbing. Quite simply it’s a non-negotiable component if you want to be world class at anything, particularly where physical endeavours are concerned. For the rest of us who may not become world class but simply want to develop a movement practice - its an important feature we can adopt.

All world class athletes who compete professionally record and document their work meticulously, if they say otherwise, they’re fibbing
— Rhys Shorney, B2R and Senior Team GB Physiotherapist, London 2012, Rio 2016
Rhys Shorney, B2R director in Rio with Team GB in 2016

Rhys Shorney, B2R director in Rio with Team GB in 2016

Let’s get back to our earlier mentioned key elements, which are tracking and recording your TRAINING and work here at B2R. 

There are of course many ways in which this can be done, and there are many great examples out there in different disciplines and sporting contexts, but here is some insight into our methods, how we like to record this work and how we will want you to record it too.

Recall those two things Simone Biles demonstrated in mastery - apparent effortlessness and prettiness. Mastery being the key term here where you are able to demonstrate beautiful and effortless movement. We get better at what we do. To this end the phrase ‘Practice makes perfect’ is both inaccurate and unhelpful and ought to be replaced by ‘Perfect practice makes perfect’ - Aristotle said something similar way back when.

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit
— Aristotle

Our note keeping methods are simple yet they hold us accountable to this idea of mastering movement or positions to progress. This is in our interest to build on solid foundations as it saves us time in the long run as we do not hit plateaus unnecessarily and have to go back to the start. We have done this many times and pass our learning kindly on to hopefully save you making similar mistakes. How generous of us!

The dose is the medicine, mastery facilitates this
— #B2R
Dosage of training will dictate medicine or poison

Dosage of training will dictate medicine or poison

Our goal is not to simply please you, as this is a regular mistake made within healthcare where clients are given what they think they need or given what they expect us to give through some misunderstood idea of what it is we actually do. Mastery of your body requires patience and a long term mindset, there is no sprint and from a purely professional standpoint, slow and steady is how we build a resilient and robust body for life. The dose is the medicine and mastery facilitates this.

The biggest reward for a thing well done, is to have done it
— Voltaire

Yeah yeah, mastery sounds great, but what does it actually look like?!

We’re glad you asked, see practical applications and resources in part III.

#B2R :)