Tree Climbing Workshop in my Hometown!

This is a workshop I have been wanting to put on for several years.

We’re extremely passionate about taking barriers away for helping people stay physically active, coming to a gym is one such barrier. This workshop was a great success where we shared some really simple techniques for using apparatus (trees!) found everywhere to get some really fun strength training done. This session was about 500m from my house, and as with any exercise outside we emphasis the importance of being safe and respecting the environment. When we sharpen our eyes, opportunities are there for us everywhere, so its important we don’t spoil it for ourselves or others.

What a wonderful evening class of all ages and abilities and a special thanks to Gemma Morris and Stephen Frost for assistance.

Image credit Back to Roots trainer and photographer Jacob Baylis

We look forward to seeing you at our next workshop.

Luke and the #B2Rteam :)