Baylis brings B2R to the community of Knighton!

On Sunday, 4th August 2019 B2R touched down for a 3 hour workshop in the countryside town of Knighton, Powys in the stomping ground of B2R trainer Jacob Baylis.

In this workshop we explored problem solving, lower bodyweight strength and balance training and an emphasis on the micro movements possible in all the tiny joints of our spine.

Our spine is the centre of all movement and its not often we actually sit back and appreciate what is possible at all these small joints. the accumulation of these small movements is what affords is such an adaptable and mobile spine to perform the sports and tasks we do in every day life. If we don’t use these movements, we will lose these movements, the body is very efficient like this.

Thanks to all that attended and to Jacob Baylis and Gemma Morris for assistance.

The next time you can catch a B2R workshop will be Friday evening 6-8pm. In this workshop Luke will be teaching an introduction to ‘Obstacle Based Training’ and will be outside in Builth Wells. The material will be suitable for anyone who is a complete beginner right through to a seasoned athlete. The fundamentals of this session will be rooted in parkour and climbing to give you some inspiration for how you might be able to train in your own environment.

This will be a small group capped at 10.

Luke & the B2R team

#B2Rhealth :)

Photography by Jacob Baylis.