Personal testimonials from colleagues, associates & clients

I’ve had many great experiences during my employment, from professional athlete to working at some breathtaking venues as a sports Physio.

Along the way I’ve worked with many fantastic support staff and professionals from all walks of life and have learned so much from them.

There are many qualities that I find inspiring and empowering for personal development but working with someone who is simply totally immersed in his/ her craft has made the biggest impact on my own progress and development.
I have come to realise that there sadly are not that many practitioners out there who are living lives consistent and true to their approach and over riding philosophy. They are simply working, in a job.

My time with Luke has been as both his physio and student. Even though he will not acknowledge it, I have truly learnt as much from him as he claims from me, and have mostly enjoyed his determined approach in his unrelenting pursuit for knowledge and self development. It is rare to find someone who is truly authentic and lives each day practicing what he preaches.

Luke is certainly one of these people.

He continues to provide me with challenging questions and innovative solutions to problems that is the hallmark of a true professional and student of movement.

As his student he has held my hand and walked me through what I thought I knew about nutrition - and gently un- brainwashed me from the typical propaganda that was holding me back, helping me find a sustainable and measurable path that is yielding truly fantastic results.

I look forward to continuing to work with Luke for years to come as his mentor, student and good friend.
— Rhys Shorney, Founder of 'In Motion' & Team GB Physiotherapist
Luke Davies is THE gold standard Health practitioner. If I am going to invest in someone to help me on route to optimising my health I look for several characteristics. I would expect the practitioner to have an investment in his own health, I would expect someone who coaches other people to improve their health to at least have some level of obvious health and vitality in themselves. I would expect this practitioner to live and breathe aspects of what they preach.

Luke certainly ticks this box.

I would expect the practitioner to be thirsty for knowledge constantly striving to stay on top of the current evidence and science, always looking for ways to apply this knowledge.

Luke certainly ticks this box.

I would expect the Gold Standard Health Practitioner to have a real level of humanity, compassion and empathy as their most important trait. A true desire to offer solutions to the clear health issues the modern civilisation faces whilst being able to connect and communicate with all folks from various spectrums.

Luke owns this box.

Luke Davies is what every Health practitioner should aspire to be like, and he’s constantly improving, you can be sure an investment in Luke is an investment in someone who has the information you need and will work non stop to ensure you are applying this knowledge. The fact that practitioners like Luke exist gives me great hope for the improvement and advancement of health practitioners all around.
I was fortunate enough to share some working time with Luke in the same clinical setting. It was the most vibrant, enjoyable and challenging work time in my career. Each day working with Luke you have to be on your game and ready. He will quickly determine if you are actually talking sense or not, the intensity of the communication was always a wonderful learning experience, anyone that spends time with Luke in a personal or professional capacity can only come out the other end an improved individual.
— Paul McCambridge, Doctor of Chiropractic & Director of fitness for leading online fitness brand 'ResultswithLucy'
I have known Luke since he was a player for me at Ebbw Vale as an important part of our championship winning side between 2012 and 2015, both on and off the field.

Luke very clearly took great pride in his own personal conditioning, something he continues to do now as a health professional.

After early retirement from unfortunate shoulder injuries Luke remained with the club delivering nutrition workshops with the squad and individual player profiling achieving fantastic results.
Luke also single handedly attracted national tV crews tot he club where the team would perform sing alongs and enjoy team bonding sessions. This enjoyable social element is clearly a big part of his new innovative healthcare approach, I wish him and those who engage with him well.
— Jason Strange, Wales U20 Rugby Union Head Coach
I got to know Luke for treating my shoulder impingement (supraspinatus tendonitis) 2 years ago. I couldn’t move freely in my shoulder after a 2 years old injury in the gym and couldn’t find how to get my shoulder back whilst having pain as well.
Luke as a chiropractor then diagnosed my shoulder and restored it in 3-6 months. I went from 70% to 98% thanks to his amazing approach. He then showed me the importance of body movement and the benefit of exploring step by step body movement combined with improving core strength. He does it with great charisma and communicative enthusiasm. He does push one into the fun of exploring body movements and ranges which I thought were not possible anymore.

My only regret is not to be able to train as Luke left London to Wales. Lukes uniqueness lies in his capacity to make you discover hidden capabilities of our bodies in a fun and very progressive way. Luke is a great chiro and inspirational trainer and leader because of his creative personality, his high professionalism and as a former high level rugby man, he had been through injuries and recovery himself. I wish he can train and inspire other chiros and trainers to disseminate his great skills and creative mindset through the country.

Lucky Welsh people, enjoy!
— Nicholas Paulmier, Client experience

Luke is one of the most thoughtful and smart guys I know. He is both passionate and dedicated to changing peoples lives through the application of his knowledge about the human body.
I have spent time professionally and personally with Luke and always enjoy chewing the fat, sometimes intensely, about moving, training and pain and injury.
— Ben Cormack, Physical Therapist, Owner & Founder of Cor-Kinetic & speaker at the 2017 San Diego Pain Summit
“I have known Luke Davies since he was as student completing his chiropractic degree programme. Luke stood out as a focused individual with a lot of potential. We had numerous discussions about health care and future models that would make a difference.
Luke’s current project is an excellent example of thinking outside the box and challenging traditional health care norms. His approach to engaging in the biopsychosocial model of health care through an evidence informed basis is the way forward to deal with chronic pain and related comorbidities.

I fully endorse Luke’s approach to engage patients in the community employing a variety of local services to encourage self management and control.
— David Byfield, Head of the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic [WIOC]
Well done for developing a new and innovative approach to health, I wish you all the very best
— Bronnie Lennox-Thompson, Occupational Therapist & speaker at the 2016 San Diego Pain Summit
Luke is a great professional, very knowledgeable with a holistic view and amazing at what he does. He helped me with some hip and shoulder issues and helped my girlfriend with her lower back pain, and not just improving the condition temporary, but also teaching certain movement exercises to prevent pain and injuries in the future. He impressed me so much that I invited him for an interview on my health & fitness themed video podcast.
— Ru Wikmann, BWFF Pro athlete, Transformation coach & Founder of the Shredded Brainiac
I was lucky to meet Luke Davies on a movement workshop in London and was immediately impressed by his professionalism, open-ness and diverse background in the fields of health and wellbeing. Luke is one of those rare healthcare practitioners who has a clear first-hand understanding of the moving body in a variety of professional contexts.
— Matt Mulligan, creative movement and dance coach, Founder and Owner of 'BodyRoots'
I have personally known Luke for over ten years in capacity as a former Rugby Development Officer for Powys, Regional Rugby Manager and Rugby Coach.
Luke is a studious, hard-working individual whom has maximised his abilities on the rugby field and within academia. He is now committed to making a difference within his professional working career and relating to Adult Health and well-being in Mid Wales.

Luke who ‘hails ‘ from Builth Wells, understands how the incredible geography and natural resource can be utilised to promote and enhance ‘holistic’ physical and mental well-being for its surrounding residents.
Wales has an ever ageing and physically inactive teen to adulthood population, the opportunities for adults to engage within diverse, modernised and flexible community referral type activities is hugely innovative’.
— Chris Ower, Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) Participation and retention manager
I have had the honour of teaching Luke dance which has aided in his personal practice and exposed him to new ways of working with the body. In turn he has been inspirational in the way he has been open to new experiences and passing what he has learned to others.
— Paradigmz, Jamaican dancehall instructor, London