As the launch for my company I have left no stone unturned in bringing a group of industry experts together to help me guide YOU back to enjoying doing all the things that matter to you. As the Launchpad I am running it at LESS THAN HALF PRICE


As we get older we do less and less, the net result being that we can do less and less!

Do you want more energy, more vitality and simply want to get back active, but don't know how? This programme is for you.  You do not need to have any experience to participate.

The programme will have elements of gymnastics, yoga, dance, flow, mobility, obstacle based training (Parkour), ballet, traditional gym training, rock climbing, play, acrobatics (intro!), martial arts and most importantly FUN, it feels good. A real block buster and designed to introduce you to all these fun ways to keep healthy, you do not need to have done any of them before!


Industry experts include:


Rhys Shorney - Team GB Physiotherapist, Ebbw Vale conditioning coach and owner of movement company ‘In motion’.

Paul McCambridge – Chiropractor and director of fitness at ‘ResultswithLucy’ is travelling up from Essex with his partner May Blackman – Movement coach and yoga specialist.

Sara Poulson –  comes with over 30 years dance experience including ballet tap, modern jazz and contempory dance.


Polly Clarke – Vinyasa flow yoga specialist and owner of local dynamic company ‘Mountain yoga retreats’

Morgan Preece – Previous UK champion rock climber and part owner at ‘Llangorse Climbing Centre’

Matt Mulligan – Trained in contemporary dance and the circus, Matt owns ‘Body Roots’ and is a very passionate movement and play teacher based in Cardiff.

Plus potentially one more very exciting guest ‘TO BE CONFIRMED’.

“My only regret is not to be able to train now as Luke left London for Wales. Luke’s uniqueness lies in his capacity to make you discover hidden capabilities of our bodies in a fun and very progressive way. Luke is a great Chiro and inspirational trainer and leader because of his creative personality, his high professionalism and as a former high level rugby man, he had been through injuries and recovery himself. I wish he can train and inspire other chiros and trainers to disseminate his great skills and creative mindset through the country. Lucky Welsh people, enjoy!”
— Nicholas Paulmier, Client experience under Luke R. Davies
“Luke is one of the most thoughtful and smart guys I know. He is both passionate and dedicated to changing peoples lives through the application of his knowledge about the human body.
I have spent time professionally and personally with Luke and always enjoy chewing the fat, sometimes intensely, about moving, training and pain and injury. I don’t hesitate to recommend his new programme”
— -Ben Cormack, Prolific distributor of evidence based pain and movement research & owner of Cor-Kinetic.

There is one theme that runs through all the above disciplines, MOVEMENT.

Unfortunately there are societal connotations that make males strive to be strong, and females strive to be stretchy. The reality is that we will all benefit from a rounded movement practice that involves being strong and mobile.

The key to exercise adherence and long term behaviour change is simply fun. If we enjoy it we are more likely to stick it in the long run. It is for this reason that play is in both my branding and throughout my (and my guests!) philosophy.

We also know from the research that if you can get to 12 weeks exercising, and if you do it with social support your odds of relapse is significantly reduced – hence this programme will run for 12 weeks and is a group format.

This programme will involve 2x 1 hour sessions per week (evening) with me in either Builth Wells or Llandrindod. There will then be weekend sessions scattered throughout the 12 weeks with industry experts and myself.

I am taking on a maximum of 15 participants aged between 30-60 on a first come first serve basis. Your place will not be secured until payment is received.

This programme has received amazing testimonials from some of the leading names in health and fitness. What I call a ‘community outreach preventative health model’ serves as a potential gold standard in future health care and at such a reduced cost it is not one to be missed. I am extremely happy to be running it in my home area as I start up, there may not be another one held in this area for a long time. 


Brief background about Luke R. Davies and creation of model

Having been working in central London as a Chiropractor up until 2016, I came to realise that long term health changes do not take place in a clinic or hospital setting, they take place in the community, where people actually live their lives.

I also found that while London is a million miles away from my roots in rural mid wales the grass isn’t always greener (in fact there isn’t any there!). Everything is on your doorstep in London but you have a 30-60 minute commute either way ANYWHERE. Whether it is to see a friend after work, train or theatre, you are travelling.


My experience in Mid Wales is that if something is not in our little town we simply accept we are hard done by and do not have the facilities or options that London has. Or do we? 

The other problem I encountered was after retiring from Semi professional Rugby 3 years ago. I wanted to pursue learning new training and movement skills.

What I found was that there was an abundance of options for a young child to learn a new sport, or even an adult who was very experienced in ‘their’ sport. But not so much for the adult who just wanted to ‘have a go’ without looking silly at something new. Fortunately, for me, I am not so concerned about looking silly (or feeling silly more accurately) and threw myself into everything to do with movement I could (and still do). I went to ballet classes, Jamaican dancehall, took up gymnastics, studied parkour, did contemporary dance and tree climbing workshops and started learning acrobatics and martial arts in the form of Capoeira.

What I found was that most adults would love to have a go at these things, but do not want to take the first step, everyone is worried about feeling silly. 

“I fully endorse Luke’s approach to engage patients in the community employing a variety of local services to encourage self management and control.”
— David Byfield, Head of the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic
“I have had the honour of teaching Luke dance which has aided in his personal practice and exposed him to new ways of working with the body. In turn he has been inspirational in the way he has been open to new experiences and passing what he has learned to others”
— Paradigmz, Jamaican dancehall instructor, London


I left London to start solving the problems I was seeing, the real barriers to long term exercise and movement practise which along with how we eat are major reasons our NHS is currently unsustainable. I have applied the 30 minute commuting concept and taken it outside of London. Any community outside London has a wealth of opportunities and what I do is source them out. I bring those people already delivering great stuff in the community together and raise local awareness of them through my group programme format. What this then enables is the initial barrier to be taken down and people can enjoy what is already happening in their local vicinity.

I deliver the programmes through a social media platform whereby the group drives a lot of the communication not only with me, but one another. The plan is that this will be an NHS referral scheme where I travel around the UK (and already in discussions with several locations in Scandinavia and Europe), run these ‘community outreach programmes’ and then move on. The real beauty of what I have created is that the participants can continue their new found ‘movement practice’ long after the programme finishes as they have learned what is already running in their community. It is analogous to the nutritional concept of supporting local produce, and business.  The support from some of the leading names in the world in health and fitness has been truly amazing. I am just happy to run this first one where the whole journey began for me, rural mid-wales.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing the start of your preventative health journey. This is a lifelong pursuit for happiness, vitality and enjoyment. That is what we all want and a thriving body and mind is the key to achieving it. Movement is medicine. We all moved once, lets “Move, again” J

Luke R. Davies.

“It’s an amazing idea, very well thought out and thank you for being a catalyst for change. The society really needs it, as the average health and movement capacity is very poor”
— Ru Wikmann, BWFF stage athlete, transformation coach and founder of the 'Shredded Brainiac'