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Celtic Woodland Retreat

Back To Roots - Welsh Woodlands

December 8th-10th


Back to roots uk special lands in the Celtic woodlands December 2017

This is an opportunity to disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle and reconnect with your mind and body. This retreat delivers a truly innovative approach to health with no assumed level to participate. The weekend will be full of playful movement, relaxation / yoga, opportunities to test your strength, beautiful local wild welsh woodland setting, lots of socialising, campfire sing along (bring your own wine if desired!), problem solving, sampling local cuisine, winding down and relaxing into your ‘fully self sustainable cabins’ in the forest just outside the small welsh town of Builth Wells. 


Back to roots health retreats take you to amazing locations around the world and are delivered by expert healthcare practitioners giving you an experience of modern day 'blue zones'

Join us December 8th-10th (Fri-sun)for the early bird rate of £399.00, limited spaces available in this UK first. 

Warm your winter cockles around the campfire and retire to your cosy glamping woodland pods

We can argue (and do!) that this weekend will not only be great for you but will also be great FUN. We take fun seriously (pun intended) and for good reason, it is supported by an enormous evidence base which we are happy to provide on request :)

Checkout our overview of the event we held in Lake maggiore, Northern Italy early 2017 and what Stefanie & Rula said about it below:


Back to Roots health retreats short overview clip

Back To Roots reviews from Stefanie and Rula

All classes are optional with the addition of massage with sasithon Pansungnoen on request


All classes with three movement coaches:

  • Luke R. Davies
  • Paul McCambridge
  • Sasithon Pansungnoen

All breakfast spreads from locally producing farmers, water, evening entertainment on the guitar with Luke R. Davies & Stephen Frost and accommodation in fully self sustainable glamping pods set in the woods (take our really cool virtual tour through the pods inset).

There is access to communal washing facilities and a kitchen on site. 

*All food is of the highest quality and locally produced. Please note lunch and optional evening meals are not included in the price*

**The pods are all kitted out with SPACIOUS double beds, so be prepared to bring your own sleeping bag / bedding to top and tail, or snuggle, the choice is yours!**

Just a weekend full of fun, enjoyment & laughter
— Kara, Back to Roots - Lake Maggiore 2017
Celtic Woodlands communal games room come movement & yoga studio in the woods

Celtic Woodlands communal games room come movement & yoga studio in the woods

Event itinerary


Evening – 5pm

PM: Interact & break the ice movement class

Optional meal at local establishment celebrating local welsh dining. 


AM: Relax / stretch with Sasithon Pansungnoen

Eat locally produced spread for breakfast

PM: MOVE – first introduction to playful movement session and rhythm with Luke & Paul

 Candle lit Relaxation & mindfulness class with Sasithon Pansungnoen

Time for catching a bite to eat, recommendations available and communal kitchen on site. 

 Night time – campfire social – storytelling and musical chill out session with Luke, Paul, sasithon and Steve Frost (Physical Education teacher)


AM: Playful Yoga with Sasithon Pansungnoen

 Eat locally produced spread 

 Rough house / playful contact class with Paul & Luke


Lunch – self cater or recommendations available

 PM: Learn (options available for focus group classes – balance, gymnastic ring strength, capoeira / rhythm).

 Reflect – a brief group reflection to close the weekend. 

Finished by 7pm. 

I felt safe to do all the movements I was asked to do as they were health professionals, they took me right back to my childhood. I loved it!
— Rula, Back to Roots - Lake Maggiore 2017

We are extremely passionate about spreading the concept of enjoyment and play as a method to true preventative health.

Follow the link below to join us and book your place now. 

Luke R. Davies & the Back to Roots team :)