Welcome to the B2R Tribe

B2R health Summer workshop with one of Lukes teachers and inspirations Claudio Campos


What's this...

Getting here, and growing our tribe is the ultimate goal. This is where our blue zone culture and community emphasis of healthcare is living and breathing. We want our tribe to be an open one and inclusive of all, whether it be our local yoga classes, cycling club, ski club, gymnastic strength training, or whatever you have access to. If you do not live near a #B2Rhealth community then you could keep an eye out for our retreats and events HERE. The end goal of our clinical rehabilitation pathway though clinical corner is to get our guys to a point where they can ‘self manage’ and have the option to join our tribe. 

We believe this is a truly novel approach to healthcare, where we take an evidence based community approach to lifestyle complaints, emulating the healthiest people in the world, taking concepts and learning from them to live better ourselves. For those of you interested, HERE is where you can find the scientific literature underpinning our methodology.